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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that no two events are the same, and we're here to make your concept a reality! You can also follow @Wildflowereventdesign for live streams and weekly W.E.D.ding tips!

What Does an Event Planner Even Do? Outside of what I list in my planning packages, I manage all event-related, small to large scale logistics. Sometimes that’s designing floorplans to scale, sometimes it’s designing for entire ballrooms, and sometimes it’s just making sure everyone is happy and stress-free the entire day! My Job is completely result based. I work as hard and as long as it takes to make an event a success. My personal best so far is 18 months and then 56 hours straight, leading up to an event.


Can I afford an Event Planner? Honest answer? Yes! Remember, if your event is over 35 guests or costs over $5000, you cannot afford not to have an event planner. Couples that work with me for their wedding save an average of 30% over their overall budget. 100% of Clients that work with me for corporate or non-bridal events stay on or below budget and I often am able to provide “wow factors’’ or a more memorable experience than a standard event


This all sounds great, But what am I actually paying for?! Great question. I hear it a lot. You are paying for several elements: My career-long experience and continued mastery of my trade of high-end hospitality, my time, and toooons of labor. All of these things allow me work, problem solve and execute events flawlessly. If it looks easy, I know I did my job well.


How do I decide the right event planner for me? Consult, consult, consult! Every professional planner I know will offer a free consultation. I recommend working with a planner that is a professional but also a good fit for you personality-wise. After a consult, I hold a client’s date for 7 business days so they have lots of time to explore all their options and be completely comfortable with the planner they choose.


Does everyone need an event planner? Almost everyone needs an event planner.  I do not recommend anyone work without a planner for an event for over 35 guests or $5000 unless they have OVER 5 years of experience in high-end hospitality. This includes but is not limited to: Floorplan design, Banquette etiquette, familiarity with specialty rental and linen inventory and measurements, food and beverage certifications,  quote-contract negotiations and excellent organizational and time-management skills


Are you a professional? (And also, please define professional.) I’m happy to share my credentials! I define a professional planner as anyone with 10+ years of hands-on experience in the event industry. I currently just completed my 14th year in high-end hospitality. That experience includes: Service contract creation and negotiations, commercial venue management, catering, comprehensive knowledge of event traditions across cultures, bartending, timeline creation, event schematics and specialty event inventory. I’m also currently Serve Safe Manager Certified  to oversee food and beverage distribution in any commercial property in the state of Florida.


I’m pretty sure I’m going to DIY my wedding, can I still have a free consultation? Absolutely! I encourage anyone planning a wedding or event to make a list of questions we can go through together at a consultation. The consultation is complimentary whether you book with me or not! My goal is to help Brides stay stress free, and give them the confidence to plan their perfect wedding day!


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